Project Management Services
  • Alternative/Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies
  • Vendor Evaluation/Vetting
  • Construction Observation

Green Recommendations
  • Evaluate your work environment
  • Summarize suggestions
  • Identify alternative products and services
Green Renovation Alternatives
  • Flooring options
  • Sustainably made furniture systems
  • Roofing products
  • Rain Collection Systems
  • Water run-off Mediation Options                                                                                                                                                            

Individual Consultations

GREEN Party Hosting

Being GREEN is not anything new.  Being GREEN is what families have done for centuries.  Many people just let themselves become stuck in the rushing, hurrying world over the past few decades.  From becoming complacent with throwing every no longer wanted item into the trash to grabbing the 'default' quick fix foods in the grocery without looking at the ingredients, most people are running around so fast that they do not believe they have the time to take a breathe and think or look at what they are doing.  Are your current actions being followed through because they are a conscience decision, or are they because they have become a habit?  Would choosing a Greener option be any more time-consuming or expensive, or just a change of habit?

42morrow provides information as detailed as starting with a home assessment, suggesting cleaning solution alternatives, landscaping suggestions, to as general as GREEN money saving tips.

Examples of some tips are located on our Tips and Suggestions page.

If you are interested in learning more and having help starting out, please contact us.  If this is a topic that you and your friends or family have been talking about for awhile now and you are ready to learn more, consider having a GREEN Party.  We would love to help you host the event.


Educational Outreach 

In support of our mission to aid people in their journey down an environmentally friendly path, 42morrow supports Educational Outreach initiatives.  If you are interested in having a 42morrow representative give a discussion at your facility, committee meeting, school, or local library, please contact us.  The following are examples of commonly requested topics:
  • Composting
  • Rain Barrels
  • Alternative/Renewable Energy Sources
  • Cleaning Alternatives

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